Un petit aperçu de mon univers.


Before these dalliances, my heart was shadowed by concern that my grandmother may die. Particularly because of what little regard she showed for her life, and her refusal to wear proper protection when we went outside. Every week she demanded to be taken to confession at St. Mary, much to the dismay of her pushoverContinue reading “Dissent”

Passing Through

His reactions to her beauty were antithetical to those of her God. He measured his success on how greatly he could deter her own success, and thus began a war in an otherwise peaceful existence. She could not choose to love him, because his love was the threat of captivity. To deny him was toContinue reading “Passing Through”

The Spring Came In

The spring came in the way one stumbles into an act of kindness on accident when a bright mood invites occasion. Though the moment caused the brief anxiety of curiosity(even the humble exertion of seasonal change is noted in a time like this) the townspeople had leaned far enough back into themselves as a resultContinue reading “The Spring Came In”

Coisa Boa i

Friday, 4:00 am Sao Bernando do Campo, Sao Paulo I leave my flat in Sao Bernando, heading towards Diadema.  I find street parking easily at this time, and ring the buzzer at Flora’s complex.  Her apartment is a studio on the 18th floor.  It has the sterile smell of plaster, which I’ve gotten used toContinue reading “Coisa Boa i”

New Stories

I started working on this story at the start of 2020 called: “Coisa Boa,” or “Good Thing.” I’ve been back and forth with a writer friend of mine about it, and haven’t determined whether it should be a novel or a short story yet. I’m going to start posting sections of it as I goContinue reading “New Stories”


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